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An Easter Poem

This year's Easter looked very different.

No big family gatherings

where Easter egg hunts spark fierce competition.

Seeing Grandma’s face over Zoom instead of in person

to keep our loved ones safe.

No dressing in our Sunday best to attend Mass, instead participating virtually

Learning how to embody the Church without the physical structure

Looking forward to the day when we can gather in fellowship again.

In many ways, similar to the first Easter

where disciples had to process the news and celebrate in the quiet of their homes

Until the time comes when we can rejoice together.

Jesus is Risen, He is alive!

Holds more meaning now

when everyday brings its own set of challenges.

Jesus suffered too, immensely

Denial, betrayal, unjust punishment, ridicule, the burden of the heavy cross

Through all of it He thought of us, spoke our names,

He overcame death!

Showing that

we are worthy of His overwhelming love.

The joy that Mary and the disciples felt when they realized Jesus had risen,

I want to experience this joy everyday!

Easter gives us hope in God’s goodness and mercy

what we need most in the world right now.

Last week, a rainbow painted the sky

Seven colors lined up in an arch among the clouds

Reminding us that God is always faithful,

even after a storm.

On our darkest days

He will never abandon us.

Hope you enjoyed this poem, it was fun to write! Have a beautiful day :)

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