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Halfway Done With College (Yikes!)

As I clicked the submit button for my last assignment as a sophomore, I felt a mixture of relief and sadness. A weight lifted off my shoulders as I welcomed this much needed break from the constant flow of schoolwork. But, the realization that I was halfway done with college hit me like a ton of bricks. When they say it goes by fast, they're not kidding.

I can honestly say that my second year of college transformed and defined me in many ways. It was the year I joined a sorority (shoutout Alpha Chapter of Mu Epsilon Theta!!!) which is something I never dreamed of doing. It was definitely all part of God's plan. I saw their poster in the University Catholic Center, attended an information session, and the rest was a blur of excitement and new faces who have become friends. Through these amazing girls, God has gifted me a supportive community where I can grow in faith and fellowship.

On the academic side of things, overall I enjoyed my sophomore classes and I was fortunate to have outstanding professors. I finished my required science and math credits (yay no more math!!) I took my first Communications class for my minor and took on the challenging Spanish courses. One of my favorite classes was Mexican American Literature and Culture because it sparked my interest in learning more about my culture and the socioeconomic issues facing vulnerable populations. With a lot of hard work and long hours, I maintained my path of excellence. #HookEm

This year I encountered Jesus more than ever before, through my peers and mentors at the UCC who have shown me what living out your faith in college looks like. I will never forget my sophomore year of college, not just because of the pandemic, but for the ways I was finally able to claim my faith as my own. The ways I've become more comfortable in sharing intentional conversations. The ways I've learned to embrace my daughterhood and gained deeper insight into God's plan for my life.

So many moments this year made me grateful to attend such an awesome school. From Jimmy Fallon's visit to football games, and even small things like studying in the Student Activity Center. I'm looking forward to returning to campus in the fall (God willing) and immersing myself again in the Longhorn spirit. For now, I'll ride this wave of uncertainty out and live for every moment knowing in my heart everything will be okay. Because it will.

It's summer now, made official by Harry Styles' iconic, beachy, summery sweet music video for 'Watermelon Sugar' <3

Even though the circumstances are not what I imagined, summer is still an opportunity to grow, learn, and HAVE FUN! That's my goal this summer– to get creative and most importantly to find moments of joy and exploration everyday.

What are some of your hopes for the summer? Let me know in the comments below!

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