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The Power of Self-Reflection

Happy New Year everyone! God is pretty cool. I was losing motivation to publish this post when I got the word REFLECT using a random word generator to pick my word of the year. Crazy right? Out of all the words I could have gotten. So I took that as a sign that God wants me to share some words on reflecting as my first blog post of the year! Here's the link to the generator in case you're feeling called to shape your 2022 around a certain word :)

Reflection doesn’t have to be big. It can happen in any which way. Here are 4 forms of reflection that I have found helpful:

1. Reflecting with words: My cousin gave me a journal for my high school graduation called One Line A Day. It has pages for every single day of the year with lined spaces for up to five years of journaling. I’ve been using it every day since 2018 writing a simple summary of my day, from the ordinary to the extraordinary. It’s helpful at times when I want to remember when I saw a certain movie or what I did for spring break 2 years ago. It’s also nice to look back on the small moments that I tend to forget, like having a good laugh with family or a meaningful conversation with a friend. This journal is a form of self-reflection because it helps me grow in gratitude for the little things. I highly recommend having some form of a daily journal, but if you’re not a journal person it could be simply sitting down right before bed and reflecting on the moments that made up your day and thanking God for them all. I promise it will change your perspective on life and give you more appreciation.

2. Reflecting with photos: When my friends and I look at old photos of ourselves from middle school or even freshman year of college we always say how young we look and how we were babies. I can’t imagine how we’ll feel looking back on photos from college when we’re married and have babies of our own. It’s so important to give ourselves the opportunity to reflect on how far we’ve come. So, take pictures when you can, not just of the sunset but of yourself too. You'll be able to look back and remember the feelings/moments those pictures were taken. The good and the bad. Your future self with thank you📸

3. Reflecting with music: I learned from a new friend the other day that one of her hobbies is starting a new playlist every month with music she hears throughout that month. Then, at the end of the month, she listens to the playlist and reflects on where she was or who she was when she first listened to the songs. I thought this was such a nice idea and for any music lovers a really cool way to reflect on your emotional/intellectual/spiritual/social growth and maybe how your interests have expanded (or not). 🎶

4. Reflecting with God: I encourage you to invite the Lord into your reflection and ask Him how he sees you. In many ways, prayer is the most powerful form of self-reflection because God looks upon us with kindness and reveals truths about ourselves that we can not discover on our own. Through grace we are able to grow and we receive love every step of the way.

I hope you can set aside some time in your day to stop, take a deep breath, and reflect. You don’t need to prove your worth to anyone else. Be gentle with yourself when looking back on your life and count your blessings. Good things are ahead.



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