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One Day, The Loss of a Lifetime (For Tia Andrea and Azriah)

The moment we received the call, time stopped.

Disbelief and denial seized our minds

A peaceful morning turned period of mourning

From the tragic loss of two beautiful souls, Tía and Azriah.

The day moved in slow motion, wanted the chance to erase the past

Wish I had the chance to say goodbye and never had to experience how

One day can change your life forever.

The days following, full of intense sadness and numbness

As if the world was painted in black and white

Family and friends gathering for a rosary where

Sharing stories brought smiles and a constant flow of salty tears.

A funeral where the dreary weather matched our moods, the unbearable sight of their resting place. Grieving together over the unexpected death of our loved ones

Who will never get to see us grow up, or grow up themselves.

Will never celebrate another Christmas or birthday, not knowing the last one was their last ever

Their time on Earth violently cut short by the actions of one man showing me how

One day can change your life forever.

Two years later the sorrowful ache still in our hearts

Two angels looking down on us

The bright potential of a young eleven-year-old girl taken away in an instant.

The steadfastness of a beloved mother, sister, daughter, and aunt gone.

I can still hear their voices and feel their warm hugs

Like distant memories, I hold tightly to these sensations

I will never fully overcome this grief, but now I understand how

One day can change your life forever.

I wrote this poem a while back, a few months after that fateful day in March. It helped me express my emotions in coping with this tragic loss 2 years ago. Pain is real and demands to be felt. We miss them, especially during Fiesta and the holiday season. But, we know they are at peace with God in Heaven. Here's to keeping their memory alive forever. Praying for the person reading this and any loved ones they have lost. <3

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