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A 2020 Graduation

My brother graduated from high school this weekend (!!!) and it got me feeling sentimental about the unprecedented circumstances affecting 2020 graduates. These emotions called for a poem so here it is.....

An unforgettable Saturday morning

Blue sky, green grass of a football field

Like an outdoor wedding, mom said

but with a sea of navy caps and gowns.

Graduation day!

Looking in, it appears normal if not for:

the masks (or bandanas with school spirit and/or stylish patterns),

separate entrances,

certain number of guests per graduate,

open air to minimize viral spread, and

chairs spread six feet apart.

Then, the usual Pomp and Circumstance

as graduates piled in,

ready to dive into their future and leave high school.

Family members watching from behind or online at home,

an air of excitement and anticipation for the moment.

All for the moment.

My brother and his classmates walked across the stage to receive their diplomas


After four long years, that wait was over.

Given the setting, I half expected everyone to start dancing and burst into

the ending song of High School Musical 3: Senior Year

"Nothing's ever impossible,

Into the future we all free fall"

That may have not happened, yet these lyrics ring true.

The future filled with so much uncertainty

At least they got one final sendoff.

My heart is with the class of 2020, from kindergarteners to university graduates. I'm so grateful my brother got an in-person graduation ceremony since I know this was not the case for many. I hope you get some closure and are able to celebrate what you've accomplished. You did it!!
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